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avatar From  MsCai - Jun 5, 2019
Nice story Yao. I can tell you put a lot of effort into writing and drawing. I appreciate how you wrote about the fun and not-so-fun parts of immigration.

avatar From  jakeli - May 10, 2019
the plane looked like a airbus a220 not a international airliner. why do people keep drawing domestic planes not international? liked your time lapse of the flights.

avatar From  AngelaXiao - May 10, 2019
Nice story, what was the reason you immigrated here in the first place?

avatar From  JonathanLeung - May 10, 2019
i liked the page where you drew the different times in Canada and China. One was in the night and the other one is in the morning.

avatar From  Ollie_Ohagan - May 10, 2019
very good drawing and writing over all great story Yao

avatar From  keikasuzuki - May 10, 2019
very good drawing

avatar From  BillyLiu - May 10, 2019
okay good drawing

avatar From  VirgilW - May 10, 2019
Great story Yao

avatar From  SelinaXie - May 10, 2019
Great Chinese

avatar From  Ashleynicoletahum - May 10, 2019
i liked your drawing!